June 2012

We kicked off this blog ONE-YEAR-AGO TODAY in a moment of bliss and fulfillment. Our goal was and always will be to shine a light on our community – in some ways in response to the negative portrayal traditional media has cast. I am not detracting from the necessity of those breaking news stories - rather I am thankful that someone else is already in the business of doing that. However, it is not the entire picture. When the media slams a town, or a district or a school…the image is projected onto innocent bystanders. It lives in their self-concept and it can begin to define them. I believe passionately that in all of that commotion there is a voice that is not getting heard.

What we as adults sometimes forget and occasionally lose altogether is that wide open perspective – the thought that anything is possible and the growing anticipation of the possibility in a life well-lived. I know times are hard for many of us – I also see so much potential and effort despite those circumstances. I see a community harder at work than ever.

It’s true that happy headlines traditionally don’t sell…and that is why we don’t charge our readers. We simply invite you to send us your news, your events and rally with your community here in what is defined as a safe place and a happy place.

As I watch our viewership growing each month, I am reassured that happiness is in demand, I am encouraged by stories of people who have not been able to get media attention through traditional outlets (though I hope that will begin to change), and I am convinced that it is possible to make a difference.

That is a statement of invitation – if you are moved into action and celebrating a moment of accomplishment we ask you to let us know. Our stories are your stories. We are just sharing them.

A year and over 200 articles later – with 600 events posted to date, we have proven that happiness is achievable, possible and abundant.

Thank You Hudson Valley.

We will continue our dedication to this quest with open hearts and commitment to progress.

As always – happy headlines are on rotation 5-days-a-week and we are proof positive that Happiness is Trending.

Much Love,
Stefanie Pearl

Executive Director


A Message from the Managing Editor, Lolita Sage:

Welcome to Happy Hudson Valley where ‘Our News is Good News.’ How do we define “good”? Well, we’re not philosophers, but we have come to some delightful conclusions on the subject. For example, we think that kids who are doing great things in school are a piece of the happy puzzle.

In addition, we’ve noticed that there is a rather elusive search for happiness going on. We are working hard to track some down for you! This includes but is not limited to: promoting art openings, finding brilliant musicians and reviewing outstanding performances. We are highlighting festivals, sharing opportunities for volunteerism and sending out collective invitations to societal engagements.

Whether you are looking for something fun to do or want to add meaning to your life, Happy Hudson Valley is a great place to plan your day.

We are thrilled to see our network growing and our community is thriving with commentary and interest. Good news is what we’re about, Happy Headlines are on rotation five-days-a-week and we are live at all times.

Our innovative approach to reporting is an illustration of our happy community and a testament to our investment towards the value therein. Thanks for sharing in this venture with us.

Happy Hudson Valley : Our News is Good News! We think it’s about time someone started talking about it!