The Cup and Saucer Celebrates 10 Delicious Years on Main Street in Beacon

Shirley Wenlock-Hot has a way of hospitality about her. European charisma combined with a passion for the culinary arts is a winning strategy for the business owner and chef. Shirley has been working in the restaurant business her whole life. The self-taught kitchenista grew up watching her Austrian parents—especially her father, the family baker—in the kitchen. She is all smiles today, reflecting on the 10 years her dining room has survived in Beacon’s west-end. The Cup and Saucer Restaurant and Tea Room  is something of an anchor here. Locals and New York City weekenders have all discovered the delicious dining experience and deliberate ambiance that the restaurant is so well-loved for.

SoHo dwellers will feel right at home next to exposed brick walls while an antique aluminum roof reflects the heritage of the space. One wall is adorned entirely in the Peace Pal International Arts Exhibition Project. A collection of drawings from around the world inspired by the words, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. (Shown on wall in background). The artwork is collected, one from each country, by a youth artist 5-16 years old.  From the website: Peace Pals International promotes the message as a simple, universal expression  to unite the hearts of all people in our common desire and hope for peace on earth.

The wall-of-peace is just the sort of delicate detail that makes the Cup and Saucer charming. And, while the atmosphere is lovely, it's the food that has made the Cup and Saucer a famed and desirable place to enjoy a meal.

A selection of snacks at the 10-year celebration make a nice cross-section of everyday menu items. The tuna salad sandwich ($8.5) is the catch-of-the-day. Albacore tuna in a very light mayo-vinaigrette. For a vegetarian option try Spinach Crepes ($11) with onions, feta and a light cream sauce.

Entree's like Smoked Pork and Bratwurst ($18) show-off Shirley's German side, the Vegetarian Mushroom Goulash even comes with Spaetzle. Lighter options include a classic Waldorf Salad ($10) with walnuts, romaine, apples and grapes. A decadent Duck Confit option ($16) is served over mixed greens with pears and cranberries.

Shirley has become inventive with her methods of customer appeal, realizing that she's not the only host in town with something delicious to offer.

She consistently incorporates special events into her restaurant calendar, and is home to many celebratory occasions like bridal showers and engagement parties. But, also community favorites like Board Game Night (meets the first and third Thursday of the month). And, others such as the upcoming post-holiday afternoon tea party (Jan 15th) with a re-gift grab bag. RSVP for mini-sandwiches, tea, coffee, dessert and good company. ($20).

And did I mention the tea? Ahh yes, Fruit Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Oolong tea, Green Tea and even Decaf. A single pot is just $4. And, don't forget to order something sweet and freshly baked to go with your hot beverage. I got to try Cranberry Orange Scones, a homemade favorite.  Next, Ginger Pumpkin Cupcakes topped with caramel cream cheese icing and walnuts. Mmmm, am I making your hungry?

You can visit Shirley at The Cup and Saucer Restaurant and Tea Room - 165 Main St. Beacon, New York 12508.